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Tenzing Capital is an institutional venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments.  Our sweet spot is seed and series A rounds in US-based B2B SaaS, FinTech, and Marketplace companies.  We write $100k-$250k checks and will selectively lead a few seed rounds.


Builders and doers with real revenue traction and capital-efficient business models
in underappreciated regions across the US.

High integrity, no exceptions. Founders with a smile on their face and a chip on their shoulder.

Diverse teams.

Teams that value execution over vanity metrics.

Product in market, showing early signs of product-market fit.

Located “off the coasts”.

Have achieved much, with little.

Recurring revenue streams.

Trusted co-investors, with similar playbooks and values.


We focus evaluation on the founder and founding team first.

Followed by a data driven and practical analysis of these variables:
Market \ Product \ Traction - product in market with revenue \ “Go to market” strategy with scale
Lean capital requirements \ Transaction Potential \ Why us?

We leverage our relationships across industry and the startup community for relevant due diligence.  Focusing on themes and industries in which we have strong networks enables this to be done efficiently.



Founded by and led by Josh Oeding, Tenzing is closely aligned with the NXTSTAGE Pilot Competition ( and the Accelerate Venture Partners ( Angel Syndicate. We participate in syndicated deals with trusted co-investors and will also lead deals. Along with our LP's, we bring:

  • customer connections for go-to-market acceleration

  • experience to shorten cycle times on operational challenges 

  • networks to aid in hiring

  • relationships with syndicates, funds, Corporate Venture groups, and potential strategic partners

  • empathy for the Founder's Journey

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